foto: eckhart derschmidt
andreas felber, der standard
helge hinteregger and his new tool. a double microphon fixed on his larynx, processed through three touchpads. the result: great bizarr sound worlds, on one hand metallic flittering, on the other hand the direction goes to hardcore-noise. a live performance which remembers the audience with its shamanistic ecstasy on the beginning of voice rituals.

andreas fellinger, freistil magazin
you think you know everything? you think todays music is just the new structuring of the well kown? the debut of flugfeld is more than that. a new instrument fixed on the larynx as a base for a new adventure. covering the gap from fragile impro to heavy freejazz. flugfeld a hiddden airport for starting and landing of a heavy monster. tracks with a duration of two or three minutes, released on the noise lover label rock is hell.

alfred pranzl, skug
beside sibirian throatsinging helge hinteregger is beaming himself with his "spontanous throat singing" into interglactic spheres, no wave included. the result is mind blowing. forget what you have heared. fizzling sounds, rachitic noise, psychotic gargling, spacic onnomatopoeia, sweet giggling and much more. hell!

fritz ostermayer, fm4 "im sumpf"
coming from the deepest part of the throat. flugfeld is the name of the trio. their debut overhelms you with nothing more than the most expressiv freecore-freakout you can get now! what helge hinteregger creates with two throatmics plus three kaoss pads has never been done before like this on this planet. yes! its a world sensation! live on air tonight. (radiostation fm4)